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Package 3: MATRIX Redemption User Disc
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Click the image
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Package 3: MATRIX Redemption User Disc
: $1,500.00

The Redemption Service...


Entry And Advanced Level Redemption User Library Tool-Kit on compact disc.

Available On 4.7 Gig Compact Disc...


Take back your identity from the local, state and federal governments. Enforce your Rights and Their Contractual Duties (Their Oath of Office and their Bonds)

A "USER's LIBRARY" with actual "TOOLS" for handling and conducting ALL of your future legal and financial affairs AS a Secured Party Creditor AFTER you have BECOME an advanced, perfected, Secured Party Creditor. Loaded with advanced resources, including  hours of audio files. The Ultimate Toolkit for taking all of this to another whole new level of Empowerment.

Any type legal or financial situation that you could ever possibly encounter!

Use the Redemption Service Matrix Toolkit Disc to "chargeback," "discharge," Vanquish and Eliminate all of the following:

    • Traffic tickets
    • Taxes
    • Fines
    • Liens, levies
    • Legal Notices
    • Foreclosures
    • Credit card debt
    • Utility bills
    • Secured loans
    • Unsecured loans
    • Other type loans
Eliminate traffic tickets, taxes, IRS liens & levies, auto repossesions, bank foreclosures, credit card debt, debt collections, more...

POWER PACKED!... with the most Advanced UCC Redemption related Tools EVER - not available anywhere else! This Package is your Road map to prevail in ALL that you do in your new sovereign capacity as the empowered Sovereign you are about to become. 

4.7 Gig Compact Disc.





Always At Your Fingertips!
Slap It Into Your Computer Tray,
Open It Up, And Let It Empower You. 

Up-To-Date... Powerful Remedies... 

100% legal to do.

The Most Effective Legal Toolkit Ever Assembled!

If you're serious about your Liberty, about functioning Sovereign, existing Free and Sovereign - having Real control of your Life, Liberty and Freedoms... Well then this following message may be the most important one you've EVER read!

This following message is specifically for YOU IF you are seriously planning on Living an Upgraded Life of Total Empowerment (meaning Real Legal/Lawfull Empowerment)… After you’ve undergone our Secured Private Title Bond Process.

This following message is NOT for Everyone.

This message is NOT for You IF You are any of the following…

This message is NOT for You IF You are someone whom is lazy, unmotivated, incompetent, irresponsible, a follower, fearful of everything – including your own shadow – and you are unpatriotic.

This is NOT for You IF You are the pessimistic type, skeptical and cynical, a self-doubter, a complainer, and someone whom is not an Action Taker and an Implementer.

We ONLY wish to work with Action Takers and Implementers! That is, Real People OF ACTION – such like Ourselves! 

And This is NOT for You IF you are the Dishonorable Type.

We ONLY care to be affiliated with Real People of high esteem, whom are confident, respectful, honorable, appreciative, and whom respect us and love us and believe in ALL that we do and ALL that we make available, and ALL that we have been doing online since 2006 (since 2005 as the “Cracking The Code Webstore”).

So IF You are a perfect match for us, and You wish to upgrade your Liberty, your Life, Your Lifestyle and your entire Life Experience After you’ve become secured through our proprietary UCC Redemption Process (our Secured Private Title Bond Process)… then this Toolkit is Vital to your operating as the upcoming Advanced Secured Party Creditor that you are about to become and contains valuable tools and resources critical for doing various types of processes related to existing and functioning as the new Sovereign you are about to upgrade to.

What does it mean to have an “Upgraded Life of Total Empowerment”? (Real Legal/Lawfull Empowerment)??

Well... Let's Begin with several brief questions. Can you answer any of these below questions?:

1). The signature lines on your checking account "Checks" where you SIGN AT: Is that a line, or is that line actually "words" in micro-print? Hint: Get out a magnifying glass, or microscope and very closely examine the signature line on your checking account checks.

2). If the signature lines on your checking account checks are really actually Words (in microprint), then what do the words say, what do they communicate, and why are they there??? (three questions in one).

3). What are, at least, 5 different ways you can answer a Notice from the IRS, or a collection agency, which completely reverses the ball game on them and forces them to have to answer YOUR questions or default into a Dishonor?

4). What is defaulting into and going into "Dishonor" mean (commercial dishonor)?... and why is it so feared and dreaded by attorneys, banks, and government agencies?

5). What is a "Banker's Acceptance" and who can do them? Why and How (Precisely, Exactly How?).

6). Is there a commerical financial side to everything LEGAL (including court Actions and Proceedings)?... and if so, can you discharge (thus eliminate) the financial/commercial side of that proceeding and therefore terminate it and bring it to a closure?

So how did you do? Did you struggle with the answers? Did you answer ANY of the questions. Do you KNOW any of the answers to any of these above questions?... If not, or if you were only able to answer SOME of these questions... Then The Redemption Service "Matrix" Toolkit is the perfect neccessity for you at this time.

The Toolkit will dramatically increase your legal power, as well as your financial power from what’s available within.

Yet, there are some that seek this disc and information for the wrong pursuits. 

There are some whom learn of this and seek after it for selfish and greedy purposes of accumulating and gaining excessive amounts of property. That was not what we originally planned when we first made this available to the public and of course is not what we mean when we offer this as a way for you to dramatically increase your legal power and financial power! 

For someone to use this legal technology to relinquish a Bill, a Debt, Presentment, Financial Instrument, Legal Instrument, a Fine, Penalty, Lein, Levy… is one thing!

But as a "get rich quick" apparatus to acquire new cars, houses, property… was never what we had in mind in making this available.

We Now Make This Available For Members ONLY... and Membership with Us MUST be Preapproved. More on This under our Membership Tab.

You are now aware of an unorthodox system in place such as exists and you now have the tool available, the knowledge available, and therfore the means available, for you to access your Strawman Account, that has existed all your life, has been there since the time you were born - originally created from your birth certificate - as a way for you to tender payment of your Strawman's debts and obligations from this federal treasury account. Use it to increase your lifestyle and so that all your needs are met. But use it conservatively and morally, based upon your needs; not some desire to get filthy rich with it.

This tool and system enables you to accelerate a GREAT deal, and in RAPID time. Many (even most) of the remedies available herein that involve an opposing side trying to "seize the vessel" (Lien or attach debt to your Strawperson), can be swiftly dealt with - with 100% success on your part - if and when it involves most situations such as this described. This is because attorneys, judges and government agents/agencies would much rather avoid confrontations with those that have taken control of and secured their individual Juristic corporate body and account. But this has to be done Right. It has to be done competently and professionally.

That's why We Exist!  This is Why We are Here, and This is only just Part of what The Matrix Toolkit Enables You... Empowers You!

So what's Within The Redemption Service Matrix Toolkit? Let's Explore a brief Look Inside...

Let's Begin by Examining Discharing Debt(s)...

Discharging Debt: This is Where the Rubber Meets the Road!…

After you’ve become secured, one of the biggest aspects of your functioning as a Sovereign in Your new Sovereign Capacity as a new and Advanced secured party Creditor, will be that of Handling and Processing Debt(s) as they are Presented To You…

Inside The Matrix Toolkit, You’ll soon discover…

How EVERYTHING (even Bills) Presented to You is a Presentment…

The Proper Way How You Will/Will Not Handle These Presentments… Do You Refuse It For Fraud? and How and Why?... Or Do You Accept The Presentment?… or Return The Presentment? and How/Why?… Or Accept AND Return it?… OR Will You Allow it to Pass-Through Your Transmitting Utility onto Your Charged Account? And How? But Most Importantly, is Distinguishing the Difference Between The Various Type Presentments… and Knowing Which Method To Apply To Each different Type Presentment and Why?

How and Why EVERYTHING in commerce today has a Commercial Value… How and Why that Commercial Value is Debt… and How it is Presented to You via a Transmitting Utility (Financial Instrument)?

In other words, there’s the Presentment… and then there’s the Instrument that the Presentment is conveyed.

How ALL Debt is Conveyed to You Upon a Transmitting Utility Instrument… and (just like How There are Differences between Presentments)… How there are ALSO Many Different Types of Instruments used… How they are ALL Financial Instruments… Yet, How they still differ from One to the next and Why? And How to Distinguish the Diferences…

As Well as… How and Why Your Debtor (Strawperson) is ALSO a Type of Transmitting Utility… and How IT is also one Very Different Type Transmitting Utility… and Why Knowing this is Important.

Beyond Identifying The Type Presentment… and the Type Instrument used… is How to Identify the Actual Commercial Value of the Presentments and the Instruments used… Not What You Think it is… and Why This is Critical to Discharging both the Presentment and the Instrument used.

How to Identify Where the Debt conveyed on the Instrument Actually originates… and Who Actually Issued it. This is Critical to Knowing Which Discharge Method to Apply.

But There is More…

Just like Possesion of Property is Nine-Tenths (9/10ths) of the LawDischarging Debt(s) is Nine-Tenths (9/10ths) of the Ball (Ball Game)… and so there is More…

We Wouldn’t Feel Comfortable Leaving Out This Next Critical Piece of the Puzzle for You…

We call it… Legal/Lawful Enforcement Measures!

What are Legal/Lawful Enforcement Measures?... How are they Related to Discharging? And Why?...

More on this coming by 08/31/15

 © 2006-15 The Redemption Service / www.RedemptionService.com... All Rights Reserved 

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