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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is The Redemption Service?
A: We are a private membership organization with experienced members having advanced kowledge and skills in the areas of Law, Government, Banking, the Uniform Commercial Codes, History, the Constitution, and other such related fields of Law and American Jurisprudence. However, we are NOT attorneys (Nor would we want to be). The Redemption Service is unique in the sense that we are a dedicated organization with a substantial degree of Law study. A major portion of our time is dedicated to further study of all of our above described interests and endeavors. We are also America’s #1 most popular source for “Redemption” and everything related to Redemption and Sovereignty.
Q: What does the Redemption Service do?
A: We have various products, training, and services, as described on our "Products & Services" page of this website, as well as further described on our "Order" page under the specific Packages displayed. Our packages also include UCC Redemption Processes where we help members complete an Advanced UCC Secured Party Process via our Secured Private Title Bond Process. By assisting members, we apply hands-on technical assistance and do practically most of the process for members. You simply supply us the information and documents needed. One of our packages (ADVANCED PROCESS) is where we assist you in various Administrative Processes. What we call a PAP: (Private Administrative Remedy/s).
Q: Does The Redemption Service offer legal advice?
A: We state clearly within our Disclaimer (see our Disclaimer webpage) that we do not give legal advice. We make that assertion again here for the sake of emphasis. Our priority in responding to messages is primarily that of assisting members with information relevant to that for which they enquire, essential to fulfilling their informational needs, as benefits them in their decision making, and/or facilitates us in helping them determine strategies specific to their needs or circumstances. However, and often is the case, we find ourselves enmeshed between answering questions related to our packages and questions outside the parameters of such and as borderlines upon that of legal questions. In any such regards, when this is the case and such questions are borderline of legal questions, we again state here that our answers to such questions are our own personal , you have a very brief question related to a package, or about membership in our private club, simply submit your opinions in the legal sense. We prefer to avoid answering such questions when unrelated to our materials or packages. Yet we will do so, though, however; but we ask for a minimum donation of $250 (blank U.S. Postal money order ONLY!) per each hour of telephone time. See our Contact us page.