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Outline of the Study Guide

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We recommend that you begin this study by first reading Study 01 (Introduction). We have organized this entire study guide based upon a number system, with our Introduction serving as a starting point of that number system. By following a point-by-point flow of study outlined in chronological order of their numbers, enables the reader to follow this chronological order of study based upon the timeline of "real life" events as they occured throughout America's history.

Most or all of these specific events referred to are either unavailable within our public schools or are areas of study completely neglected by our public school system. It is important that the reader understand the historical events that took place and the order in which they occured, as well as the historical figures that were involved, so that the reader can fully grasp the impact that each particular event had upon shaping America's TRUE history - even right up to the present day events that we are now experiencing.

By graduating from one study to the next, based upon the numerical order that we have assigned each individual study, the reader will thus flow through this entire study more comprehensively, and in the end will definitely understand all of the who, what, when, where, how and why elements that played into the shaping of America's TRUE history - as well as shaped the reader's very OWN LIFE and STATUS as exists today! 

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Our goal in establishing this study guide is to educate first time readers new to this subject matter - as well as those “already familiar” with the content of these pages. It is to bring the reader, new or not, up-to-speed in the quickest, shortest route possible, with all that these pages are about and all that “The Redemption Service” represents! After examining the pages of this study guide the reader will have gained a complete thorough understanding, enough so, whereby the reader can then make a fully informed decision whether or not to engage upon further study, or even a filing process itself! Which ever the case may be, readers are sure to experience from these pages an ultimate "shift in their paridigm" as the reader advances through the study.

We have organized this study guide so that it branches up from out of the early days of American history, thus unfolding in a chronological “time line” of events until eventually reaching the present.

Following the time line of events in numerical order from “Study 01” to Study 02, 03, 04, 05, and so forth - will keep the reader historically and chronologically uniform, will prove to be more comprehensive, will avoid confusion, will save time, and better enable the reader to retain everything in an organized outlined story form. Therefore, after finishing this outline page, next go to and click on “Study 01: Introduction” [Directly below]. From there we recommend that you continue to follow the outlined numerical order of the study guide to gain the greatest perspective and quickest, most organized route for obtaining a full fund of knowledge and understanding from it all. With that in mind, go now to Study 01: Introduction. Click the Study 01 hyper-link above this page, or you can simply click that same identical hyper-link below. Both will take you to the next level, which is that of the Study Guide "Introduction" (Study 01).

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Study 01: Introduction (CLICK HERE)

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